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"Boosted site visits by 8x" – Huffington Post "Thank you so much for such an easy to use product, that takes the stress out of creating a professional looking theme!" - Eerie Management "The perfect way for us to communicate to our race fans and keep them informed." - Daytona International Speedway "We know [the browser theme] is going to be a very effective way to push out information." - The Ohio State University Department of Athletics "Provides a useful interactive tool for our fans." - Chicago Blackhawks "It was very easy to set up and the feedback we've received both internally and externally has been very positive." - San Francisco 49ers
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BT Engage is the product of Brand Thunder, the Internet browser theme experts. Brand Thunder specializes in browser themes (or Skins) and interactive browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers. The Internet browser is the most frequently used application on the computer with the average web surfer online 5+ hours each day.

BT Engage gives YOU the power to create your own browser theme and transform the Web browser into a powerful and engaging tool for your business or community. In less than 3 minutes you can create your own Firefox or Internet Explorer theme that includes a logo, multiple background images, toolbar buttons and a news feed that can be shared with friends or communities via an auto-generated download page. Brands consistently see 8 to 12 times more visits to their website from their browser theme users than from regular website visitors alone. See why thousands of major brands and online communities like the Huffington Post, CBS Sports, NFL, NBA, Bob Marley, and Universal Music use custom browser themes to engage with their audience like never before. Create your browser theme now!